Design Tips For Exhibition Spaces

Regardless of the type of event in question, an exhibition needs to be just that. An exhibition. Cramped spaces are not exactly great for walking around, examining things and in general trying to interact with people. Whether it is an art exhibition, a travel show or anything else, it needs to be immaculately planned so that all visitors and guests will be able to take something away from it instead of complaints. Whether you work as an event planner, an interior designer or are just responsible with setting up exhibitions at work, these tips should come in handy in the future.


There really is not much use in paying money to rent out a space and your stand if people cannot see what you are. Any displays you have need to be clearly visible and for that, you need to make sure there is enough space. Staff will need to be there throughout the day, and they need to have enough room to speak with visitors and clients when necessary. Packing away your displays in a corner to make room for this is not exactly how it should be done. Make sure that your displays are appropriately sized. If you need any assistance, maybe your company might have ties with interior design companies that can offer a hand.


When an exhibition is in question, what every brand wants to do is stick out. They want to be spotted and singled out from the crowd so they may be approached. After all, that is the whole point of this to begin with: to educate, inform and create hype over your brand. All of which is lost, if you are lost too amongst the other stands. Think of ways you can be unique. Visit the space ahead of time and assess how much you have to work with. You can then effectively plan out a design strategy that will help you work to your strengths.


If you have a team of people that need to be on-site at all times, then you should also have a space for them. It is not very professional to have employees lounging about in front of customers especially if they pop in for an enquiry. It is also at the same time not practical to expect them to be alert and on their feet all day, since exhibitions go on for whole days at times. You need not look at any sort of luxury interior design in Dubai per se here. A general area within your stand for staff to take breaks is all you need.


If you have no experience whatsoever or are worried you might not get it all down pat, why not enlist a professional. Of course this would mean that you have to screen them and go through the process of picking one that is right for the job, but once you do, your work will be halved. You will of course need to be on top of things to make sure it is all going smoothly; for the most part though, they will take care of the important details and consult you when they need to. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open. You can always something new.