Thoughtful Gift Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Moving homes and settling into your own dream house is always a wonderful thing. Even if it’s not you who is moving, as a friend or family member, you too feel the excitement of it. It’s all new and exciting; and since you don’t have to do the settling in part or the cleaning part, you don’t feel overwhelmed either. It’s customary in many parts of the world to give those who move in to new homes a housewarming gift. Here are a few thoughtful gift options that are sure to please its receiver.

• The garden starter – plants are usually a lovely and thoughtful gift to give at housewarming parties. If you plan on gifting your friends with plants, it’s important that you find out if they are fond of them. Try to select something that doesn’t require a lot of special attention. Potted herb plants that can be even sat on window sills are one of our favorites.

• The little kitchen gadgets – regardless to whether they are single or living with someone, they’ll inevitably be doing a little cooking. Consider getting  Dubai kitchen appliances for them. If you can’t afford something expensive, or if you’re not sure they’ll appreciate what you get them, consider getting them a gift card instead.

• An exotic spice box – this gift is both cute as well as thoughtful. The best part about it, is that it can also be DIYed to make it a more personal gift. Try to pick spices that are exotic and a little hard to find. If your gift receiver is more a coffee drinker than a spice person, then you can opt instead for a variety of coffee blends.

• Light up the place – If you don’t have any idea what to expect from the new kitchen design or the decorations of their home, and want to play it safe; then candles will make a perfect gift. Scented, colorful, designed or engraved; you’ll have a lot of choices to choose from.

• If you want to go big – if the gift receiver is someone in you “inner circle”, then perhaps the above gift options may not cut it. Furniture can make a thoughtful gift, especially if they are not planning on buying all of theirs at once. This is another gift that works best in the form of gift cards.

• Help them play the host – wine glasses are a popular choice of gifts when it comes to housewarming parties; and with good reason. Not only are they something cute and elegant to gift, they are also very useful. If you want to add a variant to this, consider gifting them drinking glasses or even teacups instead.